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[ While Gintoki still has many firsts in his life to go, cherry blossom viewings is not one one of them. It was one of those things when he'd first heard of them, from Shouyou, he didn't understand the point, but once he'd experienced it, he'd seen it right away.

Thus, he's also decided that the matter of choosing the spot is of utmost importance. They've already been walking quite a while, with him hemming and hawing and occasionally stopping to examine a spot and then deciding it's not good enough. Likely, he's never seemed quite so enthusiastic about and committed to anything before. Maybe it's just because he got entrusted by sensei to do it, more than the importance of it. Maybe a bit of both.

He spots a beautiful collection of trees up ahead and points, picking up the space. ]


[ Which is the n-th time now. Is there even any point in listening to him anymore? ]
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[ Well, it was a tradition for a reason. It was beautiful, and also quite spiritual. There were no better moments to appreciate the silence or to be with yourself, or to share time with loved ones than under the cherry trees. ]

[ Katsura was extremely excited about it, of course. A real family outing! Amazing. He'd gotten to make rice balls again, too -- ]

[ Although his eagerness gives way to mild frustration as Gintoki keeps leading them from patch to patch, since the basket is... really pretty heavy (we're not going to point fingers at certain gluttons, but we know they're there). Eventually he ends up sort of... dragging it with both hands, though his face is still a determined expression. Everything is under control. And he has to admit it's nice to see Gintoki... excited, for a change. ]
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[He'd seen cherry blossoms before, but they'd never seemed like anything special. Shinsuke understood the importance of a festival, but really looking at a tree falling apart seemed like one of the less exciting options.

However, when sensei proposed the trip, Takasugi's opinion of the whole thing had radically changed. Now it was absolutely of utmost importance, and the reason for that was in every way a result of the man's conviction to instill that feeling in his pupils.

Walking among the trees, Shinsuke almost enjoyed the view. He'd begun their journey enjoying a fair amount of things - (most of) the company, the weight of the blanket in his arms, and the smell of the blossoms in the air. Now, with Gintoki selecting his umpteenth 'perfect location', the boy's face was nothing but sour.

The blanket was cumbersome, and Kotaro was already dragging their food! This had to be it. He glared at Gintoki, keeping a slower pace so as to be the closest to sensei. If the boy decided that somehow this wasn't good enough, though, Takasugi was liable to run up and kick him.]
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[ Oh, now that Shouyou mentions it ... Gintoki's stomach decides to give a loud rumble, and he stops rather suddenly with a few steps, putting his hands on it. He did stop perfectly in the middle of those trees, though, and with the blossoms falling around him ...

He lifts his head, looking up at the trees for a moment, before he slowly turns around to face the rest of the group. Yeah ... Yeah. This is good.

And, so, he kicks off his sandals. ]
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[ Katsura is too well-mannered and cute to say something like 'fucking finally', but something akin to it might reflect on his face for a moment. Then he just smiles, though, and bravely lugs the basket towards Gintoki, glancing up at the trees and sky every couple of steps with a smile. ]

It's very nice.

[ 'Good job, Gintoki' pretty much. ]