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Free! | The Question On Everyone's Minds

[There was nothing particularly odd about today. It had adhered to Aiichiro’s typical schedule; breakfast, work out, class, lunch, more class, swim practice, dinner, and then back to the dorm to wind down for the night. There were no extraordinary conversations or oddly soft gazes, and absolutely no touches that had lingered for a few seconds too long.

There was nothing of that sort, so why was his focus caught up on a singular, stupid question that seemed to come out of nowhere? At least if he had been the subject of an out of place glance or a coy smile, maybe then he would at least have reason to be sweating the details of this nagging inquiry instead of being able to focus on his English work.

But no, it had seemingly blindsided him with a fury.

Was Rin-senpai gay?

Nitori shifts in his chair, the end of his pen going straight into his mouth. His brows furrowed a bit. The answer to the question didn’t really even matter. Despite his own preferences, Ai didn’t exactly want to know so that he could proceed to sweep his superior off his feet. He couldn’t bear to even foster such a ridiculous notion.

No, no it was just curiosity. He was positive his roommate knew of his preferences, given the embarrassing discovery of his stash of porn. Rin was much too perceptive to have not seen what those magazines entailed, but at the same time the idea of a gay roommate hadn’t phased the red-head in the slightest.
So, then, was he gay too? Or did he just aggressively not care? It wasn’t like Aiichiro was an intimidating queer. There was little chance that he could come on to anyone, or maybe Nitori’s orientation was just so expected that it wasn’t even surprising to his senpai. He wouldn’t be shocked if Rin had been that perceptive of him from the start.

But then again, for such an attractive guy – Rin was never seen with any girl other than his sister. That was pretty weird, right? So maybe he wasn’t straight, either? Maybe he had little interest in anyone? Maybe he was a little odd, like Nanase-Senpai, and was only interested in swimming?

Forty-five minutes of mentally volleying, and finally Nitori’s teeth clicked the back of his pen. The noise must’ve also turned something on inside the light-haired boys skull, because he was talking before his mind could properly filter for both of their sakes.]

Rin-senpai, are you gay?

[He breaks a long silence in their room for his inquiry. He leans back in his chair, sucking in a sharp breath. He has to go with it now. He can’t dwell on the fact that he just let that rip. So he immediately kicks himself into conversationlist mode – ready for damage control before his roommate has even uttered a sound.]

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